Making the most of your conference networking

For most entrepreneurs, success is linked directly to the health of our networks. Investing in relationships helps us find the right employees, advisors and investors – not to mention clients. For me, there’s no better way to grow my network than by attending networking events and conferences. Remember the line from Top Gun – this is your target-rich audience.

02-networkingActually, I look at networking as another form of marketing – old-school, face-to-face rather than that newfangled social media stuff…

All this month, we’ve been sharing articles online on our social media channels to help you maximize your conference experiences – whether you’re an attendee or speaker. We’ve picked the best to share here, but we want to hear what you think too. Read through our list and if you’ve written about this topic, feel free to drop a link in the comment section.

Networking should never be forced

Approaching [networking] with the right perspective – as a low-pressure way to connect with interesting people – can yield unexpected and gratifying results…And don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking you need to contact everyone in your network all the time; it’s about focus. Read more about how to make your networking more gratifying – and successful.

2012 WIBN Conference

WIBN ~ Fill up on inspiration!

What do you get when you put 300 smart, savvy business women in a room with a power-packed lineup of speakers from across North America? Words like inspirational, motivational, galvanizing, stimulating might come to mind – but they’d miss the mark by a thousand kilometers. Read more about our 2013 Toronto Go For It Conference.

Conference 101 for speakers & panelists

Speaking at a conference is an amazing marketing opportunity for your company. Trouble is, cconference panels can be dull and perfunctory, with everyone sticking to the script. At their worst, they can turn into lectures from on high. Making your point, then, is not just about facts but also about presentation and storytelling. Read more about how to maximize your next speaking opportunity.

6 Simple tips to boost your business

Networking at WIBNAre you planning to fail by failing to plan? Have you started updating your marketing plan for this New Year? Well, you have a choice… either make revisions regularly OR let it go stagnant along with your business. Read more about how your marketing and networking should go hand in hand.



Last week we announced our first annual Vancouver Go For It Conference – October 2013. While we’re thrilled Danielle LaPorte and Jessica Holmes will be headlining, we’re more excited to see YOU – and network with YOU!

Do you invest in your business by attending conferences and networking events? How do you choose which ones are right for your business? How do you measure your success afterward? Drop a comment below or shout out to me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn – I’d love to continue the conversation with you.