Thrive through the pandemic and beyond with 15 plus international expert speakers 

Join us on February 25th for our half-day summit from 1-5 pm followed by after-party games.

Our mission is to bring community leaders together so we can thrive in our post-pandemic work world.

Is your business network in crisis as a result of restrictions placed on us by the pandemic?

As business leaders, we rely on our communities to connect, create change, and grow.

The pandemic cut off the traditional ways that corporate, non-profits and interest-based groups interact with their followers and communities. meetups, workshops, and trade events have been swapped for digital content creation, webinars, and virtual meetings.

The rollout of vaccines means we will, fingers crossed, see a return to some degree of normality in 2021 but communicating with peers, employees, and customers in person and en mass is still a way off.

The Community Building In Crisis Summit will bring together brands and experts with a mutual interest in finding ways not just to survive but thrive. Join us as we present 15+ experts who’ll share their thoughts on how to come out the other side of the pandemic with more influence, larger networks, and proven ways to remain at the centre of their communities.

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Learn from international speakers from Canada and the US

  • Mohamad Fakih: CEO/President, Paramount Fine Foods
  • Claude Silver: Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia
  • Kirstine Stewart: Head of the Future of Media, World Economic Forum
  • Duane D.O. Gibson, Social Impact Speaker and Rapper, President, Northern Power Summit
  • Shona Fulcher: Chief Community Officer, Centre for Social Innovation
  • Kristi Herold: CEO, JAM and Sport & Social Group, 2020 Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women
  • Paul McIntyre Royston: CEO, Grand River Hospital Foundation
  • Rina Rovinelli: Co-Founder, Speaker Slam, Top 25 Women of Influence
  • Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt: Disability Advocate, Best Selling Author, TV & Podcast Host, Decorated Athlete
  • Alyson Schafer: Speaker, Author, Parenting Expert
  • Michael Bach: Founder and CEO, Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Jenny Okonkwo: Founder, Black Female Accountants Network | Keynote Speaker, Author
  • Coko Galore: Artistic & Managing Director at Bad Dog Theatre Company
  • Jean-Pierre Fernandes: CHRP,  Campus Engagement Specialist,  Ryerson University

Register now before it’s too late. 



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