Many organizations can help different aspects of your business become more innovative. They offer a variety of services and programs such as consulting, scientific research assistance, and networking.


  • BDC Consulting – Find out how BDC‘s customized consulting services can help your business at all stages of development.
  • Build in Canada Innovation Program –  Access opportunities to sell your innovative products or services to federal government departments.
  • Canadian Technology Accelerators –  Your technology start-up could gain access to unique resources and contacts that can help your international growth.
  • Pre-Qualified Innovations-  Learn about the process when submitting your proposal for the Build in Canada Innovation Program.
  • Canadian Innovation Centre-  Access research, training and consulting services to help you turn your idea into a product or service that is ready to be put on the market.
  • Canadian Intellectual Property Office- If you want to protect your invention or creative work, this organization will provide you with what you need to protect your intellectual property rights.
  • Dairy Innovation Program- You may be able to get a higher milk quota to develop and produce new and innovative dairy products.
  • Food Research and Development Centre- Get help meeting your needs in food processing, small-scale testing, research and information analysis.
  • Innovation Insights- Visit other manufacturers through an exchange program to study and share ideas on best practices in technological and process management.
  • Concierge service – Find information and guidance to access programs and other resources to help with your business innovation.
  • NRC research facilities- Test and improve your innovative products and technologies by reserving time in these research facilities and with field experts.
  • MaRS- Access business skills resources, networking opportunities and capital for your science or technology business, or social enterprise.
  • Western Research Parks- Get help developing and commercializing your innovative product or service by partnering with the University of Western Ontario’s Research Parks.
  • Social Innovation Generation- If you are an innovative social entrepreneur, you may get support through a variety of initiatives for ventures that have a social and/or environmental impact.
  • EUREKA – This R&D network can help you access technology, expertise, and markets in Europe and beyond.
  • Digital Adoption Compass – Gain the necessary knowledge to adopt digital technologies. Expand your scale and scope by finding new partnerships and exploring new approaches.


  • Invest-Tech- If you have a technology business with high-growth potential, you may be able to obtain financing from this program’s investment network.
  • Alberta Innovates – You could get support for the research and innovation-based activities of your business from the Alberta Government.
  • Alberta Product Commercialization Centres – If you are developing a new product, get the equipment, test facilities, lab and other services to bring your idea to market faster.
  • Connectica – Use this self-service tool to find funding, programs, services and more to help with your business innovation.
  • Innovate Calgary – Access programs, services, and other resources to help start and grow your innovative technology-focused business.
  • Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative – Your Western business could get financial assistance to bring innovative products, processes and services to market.
  • novaNAIT – Get assistance with business development, incubation, product development and research services to help get an invention, product or service to market.
  • GO Productivity – Find out about the latest in productivity improvement tools, benchmarking, resources, events and services.
  • TEC Edmonton – Find the resources and services you need to bring an invention or business to market, including mentoring, business planning, market analysis, and much more.
  • Startup Edmonton – As an owner of a business startup you can become involved with events, mentorship, workspace, and accelerators designed to amplify creative innovation.
  • Centre for Research & Innovation – See how the Centre can help you connect with scientists, researchers, investors and mentors in the Peace and Yellowhead regions of Alberta.

British Columbia


New Brunswick

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Northwest Territories

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Prince Edward Island

  • alianco — Translators and Editors-Are you looking to get something translated? Learn more about a service that can help you find a certified translator to meet your needs.
  • Atlantic Technology Centre –If you have an information technology or new media company in Prince Edward Island, you can access office space with advanced communications and connectivity.