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It’s natural to worry about someone stealing your million-dollar idea for a new small business, innovative service or invention. After all, you don’t want someone else to beat you to that goldmine. Contrary to such popular train of thought, consider these reasons to openly share your idea with everyone you meet:

  • People will help you get your business off the ground. You’ve got to believe that people genuinely like to help one another, so the more someone knows about what you’re trying to achieve the easier it is for them to connect you to suppliers, investors, experts or partners.
  • Someone will copy your idea eventually. When you launch your new company, product or service, everyone will know what you’re doing. It won’t be a secret anymore, and competition will spring up. Better to surround yourself now with supportive people by sharing your plans with them.
  • It’s what you do with your idea that matters. An idea by itself won’t make you rich and successful – it’s all in the execution, such as how you serve customers, where you locate your store or how you position your brand. Share your idea openly with your potential customers to figure out how to attract them to your new business.