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Urszula Lipsztajn

Mindful Leadership + Mindfulness coach and facilitator WorkBriteLeadership + Workplace Wellness
Work BOX 5745 Squamish BC V8B 0C2 Canada Cell Phone: 778-323-5508 Website: WorkBrite
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I am a mindful leadership coach and mindfulness facilitator. I help people and organizations grow through the power of mindfulness.


I offer mindfulness training and one-on-one coaching to leaders and teams looking to build trust, align to their values, strengthen performance, and help people make space to lead with excellence, integrity, and well being.

Mindful leadership coaching to people wanting to reconnect to themselves, make conscious choices and be present for their life.

Mindful leadership workshops to teams looking to foster meaningful collaboration and thriving people.

Mindfulness for Workplace Wellness Program to support people in feeling healthy, happy and successful.


I guide ambitious, driven, and overwhelmed leaders and teams bring peace, clarity, and well being back into their lives. My clients take on a lot, are hard on themselves to get it right, put themselves last, and deeply want to have an impact in the world.


Possibility – We are limitless when we see the world as limitless

People – I believe the power of human connection can change the world

Adventure – Be open to exploration and what you’ll find there

Nature – The mountains + ocean are my happy place

Freedom – To be who we are in all we do

Categories: Coaching, Consulting, Education and Training, Health, Wellness & Beauty, Human Resources, Professional Services