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Susan Schenk

Occupational Therapist/Entrepreneur/Mama Mentor and Strategist/Author of Beyond Ok: From Invisible to Invincible Technology & Tools for kids and Beyond OK
Work RR3 Box 339 Durham Ontario N0G1R0 Canada Work Phone: 519-369-1009 Website: Technology & Tools for kids Website: BEYOND OK
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Susan Schenk is an experienced (20 years), online, get-real (or in other words: savvy) Parent/Occupational Therapist/Approachable Person. She is the person behind ‘Technology & Tools for kids’ and the book ‘Beyond Ok: From Invisible to Invincible’.

Susan is known for her ability to strategize and execute a plan to allow Occupational Therapists and Parents help kids move forward in developing the skills they need for school.

The focus is on what is needed now while never losing sight of the big goal down the road.

She is not a typical Occupational Therapist (just ask her co-workers and friends, they will tell you!).  She is an OUTSIDE THE BOX type of person and motivated by passion…

  • Passion for kids.
  • Passion for technology.
  • Passion for change–in how we (parents and professionals) view ‘learning new skills’

She does this by showing and explaining to Parents and OTs how to use technology and other tools to help kids learn ‘their way’ and gain skills in a step-by-step manner. She supports Occupational Therapist in her International Online Program called iPads at School.  She supports Parents in her Parent Strategy Sessions at Technology & Tools for kids — and in her new Invincible Mama Program at Beyond OK (for kids with learning differences).

Susan tells her story in her Beyond Ok: From Invisible to Invincible book.  It’s her story about learning differently and how she tapped into her abilities to help her children and develop a new approach to therapy and learning.  She developed a program after completing her book called the “Invincible Mama Program”.  This program was born out of the desire to help Moms support their children that learn differently in a new and powerful way.

How does she know that she has achieved success?  She can see it on a parent & child’s face! 

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