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A Coworking & Wellness Environment where Women Thrive Contact: Emily Rose Antflick
Website: SheCoSystem

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SheCoSystem Toronto is a coworking space and community hub

where women can work in integrity, cultivate personal and

professional wellbeing and connect with a supportive ecosystem. 

Together, let’s create an environment where working women thrive.

Coworking | Self-Care | Community | Wellness

We know that women – and their businesses – thrive when they are consciously connected with their bodies, their emotions, and a mutually supportive community. That is why our space and our workday are designed from a feminine paradigm that promote holistic self-care and work-life integration.

SheCoSystem is more than a shared workspace; it is a community hub that unites the ecosystem of women’s groups and events in Toronto. SheCoSystem provides a purpose-built home for women’s events in Toronto to promote collaboration and creative engagement for members as well as for the broader community.

Join us to create a new coworking space and community hub for women in Toronto. Be a part of a the conversation and help us shape the space to suit your needs and values.

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