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My background begins in the corporate world as a marketing executive for more than 20 years.  I worked my way up and through the business world learning from the best of the best.  My mother called this, “the school of hard-knocks.”  But I was determined.  I stumbled, I learned, grew and succeeded!  I started as a secretary, then administrative assistant, manager, director and eventually achieved my dream of becoming a leader and vice president.

It wasn’t a conscious thing for me at the time, but I took very specific actions and applied strategies that came to me quite intuitively.  Throughout my corporate career, I have taught these steps and mentored many.  Was it always easy?  No!  But, was it worth it?  Yes!  Over time I was able to infuse my passion for supporting others with the business skills I had honed.  The creativity of marketing inspired me and as I grew as an individual, I embraced my heart calling for helping others and trained as a Corporate Coach, Certified Energy Coach and Matrix Reimprinting with EFT Practitioner.

When I had my children, the juggling act of boss, wife and mother sometimes took its toll.  I secretly believed I wore a cape and a big W on my chest but soon found out that I was falling short of the traditional definition of Wonder Woman.  I was so frustrated because anything written for working moms was about achieving work/life balance.  What were they kidding me?  So, I questioned myself, “was it wrong to enjoy my work?”  Couldn’t I love my husband, my children AND my career all at the same time?  I came to my own conclusion that the idea of having everything perfectly balanced was in itself a mind-blowing concept and an exercise in futility.  What I really feel is that each day presents itself differently and the best I could work towards was harmony and peace of mind! Balance…schmalance!Then my career took a sudden turn.  I lost my job.  I took this as a message from the Universe.  It was time for me to seriously consider what really made me happy.  And so it has been a time for reflection and self-questioning.  Since a little girl, I have felt most fulfilled when helping others find their happiness.  I vividly remember when I was about 9 years’ old, and we lived across the street from a family with two rivaling sisters.  They were always fighting.  Not just ordinary sibling name-calling fights, but physical hair-pulling, punching and biting kind-of-fights.  It used to make me very upset to see and the fighting would disrupt whatever games we were in the middle of playing. So, being the true ’60′s child that I was, I decided to have a “love sit-in” in the middle of the street and began to conduct an intervention with the sisters!  I would go up to my big sisters closet while she was at work and take her brightly-colored “hippie beads” to wear, as if they were channeling the peace movement!  I’m really not sure what the neighbors thought, but I am glad to say peace prevailed (well, for just as long as the sit-in lasted anyway!)It is my joy to support others as they find what Oprah has forever dubbed the “AHA” moment.  This is the place where I want to be…this is the place where I thrive!

So I am taking a leap of my own, from one edge to another!  With unique experiences and programs, I’ve combined what I have learned from the business world with cutting-edge energy field techniques and coaching to support you! 
So……..I’m Coaching Professional Women On The Edge…of Greatness!

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