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Contact: Melissa Mackey
Work Phone: 1-866-934-8463 Website: Ignite Me Now website Website: #WeTalks site
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Melissa Mackey is an award winning motivational speaker, coach and author. A serial entrepreneur at heart. She has an innate ability to help people tap into their truth, breakthrough barriers, execute action in life and ignites passion. After realizing that she, herself had to breakdown in order to breakthrough, she now coaches others to do the same. Far too many people are in constant seeking for others acceptance and approval and Melissa teaches that the most important relationship that matters is the one you have with yourself. She builds your foundation from the ground up so you can thrive in life and allow your dreams to come true. Melissa brings people together in her own events, masterminds and retreats. Her two passions in life are people and travel. She is a brand new mom who is a living example of what is possible if you put your mind to it.

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