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Our journey began over a year ago when Linda Ogbeide a founding member decided to take action to improve the negative lifestyle choices that were impacting her health and wellness.

Having a chaotic job, where was a driven, dedicated over achiever, she focused her time and energy on work, and neglected her health and overall wellbeing.

She had little time to eat healthy and like many people relied on quick fixes from the grocery story, or take.  Linda loved cooking and wanted to improve her health, so she decided to make a change.  “If I had the idea of what I wanted to cook and all the groceries I needed to prepare it, the lack of creativity, and time restraints would be eliminated.  If everything I needed came to me, what would be my excuse not to eat well?”  ­Linda Ogbeide

Mealspirations was born out of Linda’s need for a convenient healthy alternative to take out and wanting to help others out of the same rut she faced on a daily basis.  Certainly other working professionals and families had similar struggles with the “what’s for dinner” conundrum.

Mealspirations a Toronto based start-up delivers chef designed recipes and all the ingredients you need to prepare them straight to your home, allowing you to cook delicious, healthy dinners. We take care of the meal planning and shopping, saving you time for the activities and people you love.

The recipes are crafted by a culinary team and nutritionist, ensuring delicious, healthy, nutrient-rich meals for you and your loved ones. 

Since Mealspirations’ first delivery of recipes and groceries kits in December 2013 their philosophy has been to help Canadians get back to the fundamentals of cooking at home and eating local, seasonal produce.

“It’s about getting people back into the kitchen and inspiring them to cook, eat healthy, and bond over food.  We carefully select every ingredient to ensure freshness and quality.  By portioning our ingredients we save people money since they by less and waste less.

Our customers rave about how we have changed their lives.  We have couples that bond over cooking together, since we have made dinner preparation easy for them.  Dinnertime is now couples time, which they look forward to every evening.

Our families actively make time to sit at the dinner table and eat together instead of in front of the television.  Dinnertime is now family time as it used to be.

Many have seen an improvement in their health by cooking more at home and spending less money by buying excess food that goes to waste.”

Linda Ogbeide

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