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Lynne Steffy

Lynne Steffy, MSW, RSW, Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy Levels 1 & 2 and Author of Therapeutic Children\’s Literature Felt Feelings Counselling
Other Kitchener ON N2M 4A9 CanadaWork Waterloo ON N2L 1A6 Canada Work Phone: 519-208-7404
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Lynne Steffy acquired her Masters degree in clinical social work from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. Lynne also received training in child play therapy from the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy. Lynne has gained broad experience in clinical counselling with adults and children, and has facilitated therapeutic groups for children and worked with children in crisis. Many therapists use narrative therapy to reach children with complex emotional and behavioural issues. Lynne has found it to be an astoundingly effective method. During the course of her work with troubled children in a wide range of clinical settings, Lynne realized that there was a need for more child-focused, therapeutic material to assist therapists, teachers, and parents in their work with children. Lynne’s Felt Feeling series of therapeutic children’s books was written to address this need. Currently, Lynne is providing counselling services to children, families and indiviuals through her private practice, Felt Feelings Counselling and is working on new books to add to The Felt Feelings Book Series.

Categories: Counselling, Writers