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Jennifer Brouwer design

Interior design
Work Markham Ont L3P 1J4 Canada Home Phone: 905 940 3333
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Happiness is not something you postpone for the future;  it is something you design for the present.”

Our clients have lofty expectations.


Many have reached a point in their lives where personal happiness is no longer something they wait for.


Especially when it comes to their home environment.


Although our overall role is to use our interior design knowledge and abilities to make sure we help you create a living space that meets your needs and wants, the most valuable service we provide is helping our clients separate fantasy from reality.


Fantasy leads to a fabulous over-budget home the owner can’t afford to furnish or complete.


Reality involves careful planning, trust and a mutually respectful relationship that results in a comfortable  journey towards a realistic dream outcome.  “taking funds from Peter to pay Paul MAY BE THE SOLUTION HERE?”


Your choice of interior designer is the most important new home building or renovation project decision you will make.


If you’re looking for a designer who is happy tag along and help you spend your money oblivious to the outcome, we’re not for you.


But if you want to work with a firm who isn’t afraid to ruffle your feathers if you veer off the reality trail, please read on.


Working with Jennifer Brouwer Design is all about a comfortable journey that may include a few exciting twists and daring turns but in the end delivers a result that is truly original.


Throughout the process of interpreting your ideas to create a customized luxury home interior, we use a palette of favourite interior design elements to create your unique personal statement.


Elegance, comfort and inspiration always seem to find their rightful place during the experience.

As lead designer and owner, Jenn Brouwer’s design outcomes are distinguished by her signature warmth, personal approach, and wherever fitting, the use of existing materials in an innovative manner.

After 13 years in the industry, she and her team of design professionals have created over 300 interior design renovation projects from Rosedale to Oakville.

Whether she’s called in from the beginning during the construction of a home or brought in to remodel an entire floor or room, Brouwer brings the same “how can we maximize value and happiness” to every project.

From “jaw dropping” great rooms to “all you could ever of dream of” kitchens, Jennifer Brouwer Design ties everything with a seamless integration of your home’s architecture and surroundings.

Our simple promise: Responsible interior design that will make you happy. And everyone who sees it…envious.

Recognition by Spectacular Homes as one of Toronto’s finest interior designers, national media coverage on television and in newspapers and magazines are accepted with silent appreciation.

But the praise we value most comes from our clients.

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