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Avery Swartz

Web Designer & Tech Skills Instructor Camp Tech, Avery Swartz Web Design
Website: Camp Tech Website: Avery Swartz Web Design
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Avery Swartz is a Toronto-based award-winning web designer and tech skills instructor. A self-described design geek, she helps to demystify the web for small business owners, charities, and arts organizations.  Avery believes that getting your business online should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, and not a chore.  She offers a friendly, casual approach and promises to use as little technical mumbo-jumbo as possible.  You can view Avery’s portfolio online at You can also see a list of upcoming tech skills classes available throughCamp Tech, founded by Avery.

Categories: Business Development, Internet/Web Design, Marketing, Communications & Advertising, Professional Services, Technology, WIBN