No matter how dedicated we are to reaching our goals in all areas of our life – health, relationships, business, just to name a few – there will be days when we’re tempted to just hide under the covers, give up or run away. There are definitely times when we need to pull back a little bit and recharge, and there are times where we have to push through those blocks and keep going.

Here are just a few of the many ways that can help pull you forward when you feel stuck in mistakes, challenges and self-doubt.


Sometimes we feel like we have no choice or that our previous decisions must automatically dictate our future ones. Sometimes we don’t feel like we’re making any choices at all or that our habits from the past will have to be our habits for life, which isn’t true.

Start paying attention to where you could decide to do something differently, be it in a large or small area of your life. For example, maybe you’ve also skipped breakfast or grabbed something from the fast food restaurant on the way. What other, healthier choice could you make? Or maybe you’ve told yourself that you can’t change because “that’s just who you are”. Where can you make conscious, small decisions to help move you towards your goals and become the person you would like to be?

Each time you consciously decide to do something different and more positive for yourself, you are reinforcing the message in your own mind that (a) you are worth this healthier, more conscious choice and (b) you have the discipline and ability to do even more. This will also help reduce the almost natural tendency to blame others as you will see more and more where the choice is in your hands.


We all have those days where it’s difficult to take that next step forward, let alone to imagine continuing down the road towards what we say we want. Surrounding yourself with people who are positive and encouraging will help you stay motivated, even on those days when you just want to run away and hide. A conversation, an email, a kind word – each has amazing power to keep you inspired and motivated.


The thoughts in our minds can sometimes feel like a broken record or a television channel we would like to change but can’t. Filling your mind with positive messaging, related to both improving your overall mindset and providing practical steps for moving forwards towards your goals, can often help reduce the impact of the negative thoughts and internal conversation. Learning from people who have overcome serious obstacles or challenges, appreciating the journey other people are on, gaining inspiration to make even larger contributions to the world – these are just some of the many benefits of enjoying as much inspirational material as you can.


Sometimes the biggest obstacle to figuring out what to do next is just taking the time to breathe and slow down your mind. This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Remember to breathe – and breathe deeply.