As a Certified Professional Coach, I work with Entrepreneurial and Executive Leaders struggling with overwhelm, connection to a meaningful purpose and lacking a clear plan of action. Their personal lives are often misaligned creating stressful issues around finances, health, marriages and personal relationships.

My clients are founders and leaders of award-winning private and publicly held companies representing the top of their peer groups. They seek input and perspective from close, trusted advisors and organizations such at TEC Canada, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), and Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

After working with my clients, they connect to a clear purpose with greater awareness and effective habits in their business and personal lives. Their businesses increase profits while aligning their teams behind strong visions and accountable, strategic actions to meet and exceed their goals.

I bring my experience as the wife of a 3-Time Olympian and silver medalist, being on the inside of a high-performance team, to the boardroom. Coupled with being one of the first 70 accredited Certified Relationship and Organizational Team Coaches globally, the families and corporate teams I work with communicate better, make faster and more aligned decisions while using constructive conflict to truly get to the best outcomes.

My speaking audiences are Entrepreneurs, Managers and Business Leaders wanting to grow their awareness of how teams work, and leave with clear, simple tools to immediately implement in their organizations. I bring my ‘straight up success’ stories from high-powered boardrooms to my audiences so you can avoid the most common mistakes today!

How does your business help entrepreneurs and professional women?

As a successful Entrepreneur myself, and wife of 3-time Olympian and 2006 Silver Medalist, Jeff Pain, I know what it takes to be a world-class leader. I’ve coached notable clients such as Prairie Merchant Corporation (W. Brett Wilson) and The Canadian Tenors.
Delivering real results to award-winning Entrepreneurs and boardrooms means knowing my stuff, being confident, AND learning how to be taken seriously as a woman amongst suits.

What are you passionate about in your business and what steps are you taking to make it profitable?

I love helping Entrepreneurs overcome confusion and frustration by creating a clear purpose and vision, and concrete, accountable action. This increases their confidence, creates alignment in their life and business and focuses their energy for instantly better results, and fun!
Aside from doing this work with my coaching clients, I am offering 6-week webinars in the fall, 6 month on-line programs and booking #Straightup Success Retreats for 2015.

What do you hope conference attendees will take away from hearing you speak at our conference?

Attendees will increase awareness and self-confidence to make better decisions faster and reap their best results ever. You can ‘How To’ people to death, but without the confidence and clarity to execute, they will get nowhere fast. Attendees will leave this conference with their gas tank full and ready to rocket down the road to success!


What is your favourite business tool

My favorite tool is DISC Personality styles, bar none. It’s not pretty charts or graphs, it’s bringing that information to life so people clearly understand why they do what they do, and learn to leverage (and laugh at) their strengths and challenges. It’s like cleaning someone’s glasses for the first time – they see so clearly who they are and get excited to create a life and business that align with that, instead of trying to be something they aren’t and constantly beating themselves up about it. This is the most liberating, simple exercise that should be #1 on every Entrepreneur’s list!

What is your favourite business book?

Seth Godin’s – The Dip
Coaching is about change. This book explains the psychology behind pretty much every change process, no matter the size, and why so many people quit before getting to the end result. In my work with Entrepreneurs, we are embarking on, travelling through and coming out of dips ALL the time. When my clients understand the process of the dip, and why they are feeling and thinking they way they are during the change, they are far more likely to press on to success without taking it personally.Aly-Branding

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Aly Pain will MC our Passion to Profit Conference in Vancouver


About the Passion to Profit Conference

Passion to Profit is an affordable opportunity for Canadian entrepreneurs to grow their networks and find the support and training they need. October 20 , 2014 – Vancouver, BC.