Shecosystem Coworking + Wellness is an environment where working women thrive. Our open, flexible coworking space at Bloor and Christie in Toronto is a home base for women who work independently but want to create, collaborate, and connect with an authentic community. Together, we are evolving a feminine paradigm for the working world.

Shecosystem is proud to collaborate with Women in Biz Network to provide a home base for women’s mentorship programs and resources. From free Mentorship Office Hours to members-only in-person and online events, Women and Biz Network and Shecosystem will connect you with the expert advice, curated connections, and accountability systems to make sure you’re thriving.

Members benefit from a supportive sisterhood, professional resources, and wellness-focussed workplace facilities and events. Whether you want to show up once a month or every day, we’ve got a plan to suit your needs starting as low as $30/month. We have studio, healing, and office spaces for rent by the hour so you can host your next meeting or event in this safe and inspiring space.  Regular members-only events and online communities help members get to know each other and build multi-dimensional relationships.

Become a Shecosister – WIBN members get 15% off all of our membership plans! Contact or visit


Shecosystem’s Guiding Principles

  • Caring for and engaging the whole self leads to increased productivity and overall wellbeing.
  • When women and groups that have experienced marginalization galvanize, they create positive change for themselves and their communities.
  • Collaboration is stronger than competition. The paradigm of competition, fragmentation and hierarchical leadership no longer serve us. A more interdependent and collaborative society is the only way toward a more sustainable future.
  • Women, transgender and non-binary people deserve a workspace and culture that celebrate, values, and inspires them to be their best.

You are part of the Shecosystem if you

  • Are looking for a safe and all-embracing space where you can work in integrity and show up in an emotionally authentic way
  • Recognize that your business will only thrive if you take care of your holistic wellbeing
  • Believe that growth can arise from serendipitous connections, and love to share your success – and vulnerability – with like-minded others
  • Want to connect with your tribe or host your events in a purpose-designed hub
  • Are ready to invest not only in your own business, but in the future of feminist entrepreneurship

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