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For over ten successful years, Women in Biz Network has helped business owners and professionals to connect, share and grow in their business lives. We support local women’s charities and believe giving back to our community is an important part of what makes our organization special. With supportive mentors, advice, and online tools, Women in Biz Network is Canada’s trusted network (with global influence) for mentorship and career growth. We offer a lifetime of guidance to build a thriving business and career.

Our Mission: We focus on helping women to be happier, healthier, and less isolated while increasing their success through mentorship, advocacy, skill-building events, and training. We have been changing lives for over 10 years and are a community of 35,000 thriving women.

4 Week Program – Available at the beginning of each month (except July and August) – 12 hours + 1 Year Membership to Women in Biz Network with 2 sessions per month after you graduate from Start-Up Program. 

Work with Founder Leigh Mitchell for six weeks to develop a plan that you’ll actually implement. 

  • Step 1: We’ll audit what you have started so far and what you need (structure, Lean Canvas Model)
  • Step 2: We’ll establish a plan for what resources and budget you have to develop and implement a marketing plan
  • Step 3: We’ll review strategies (Partnership marketing, PR needs, Software Requirements, Business Models, etc)
  • Step 4: We plan each tactic out and indicate timelines and a matrix to track your success
  • Step 5: We’ll have a session dedicated to reviewing what you have started to put into action
  • Step 6:  We’ll plan out what you need to consider and implement for one year

Includes one-year membership to Women in Biz Network with Access to 12 Mentors Twice a Month 

Your Coach:

Leigh Mitchell is a Brand Strategist who loves tapping into your brilliance through her company Bee Happy HR Co and Women in Biz Network. She serves results with a smile, along with great customer service. Leigh works with businesses that are diversity-driven, and mission-based, along with HR departments, and national corporations who want creative, clear, and story-based strategies coupled with impactful positioning. As the founder of Women in Biz Network, Leigh supports women with mentorship, and a vetted, diversity-driven career board. She facilitates skill-building events for a variety of audiences. Leigh also hosts the popular podcast “Time to Thrive”.

Leigh has been featured in the CBC News, The Globe and Mail, CTV News, Toronto Star, Canadian Living, Wall Street Journal, and a speaker at numerous industry events.


Start-up coaching, employer branding, personal branding, recruitment promotion, diversity consulting including our utilizing our vetted career board, workforce campaign marketing, HR/career events, transition coaching.



Receive our Brand Guide Checklist

Enjoy your brand guide. If you need more support please reach out to Leigh Mitchell to discuss your needs. Book appointment at https://www.picktime.com/leighmitchell

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