Today is Pie Day – Pie comes in many forms – this is my take for brunching.

This is my new favourite thing to brunch on… Potato-Feta-Spinach-Egg-Pancetta Pie (FEPPS?.. whatever)

It starts with a potato pancake; Grate up a washed unpeeled russet potato and give the pile a quick squeeze to ring-out the excess water. Add some salty spice and then spread it out on a heated no-stick pan lightly greased with olive oil – listen to the sizzle.. This part takes some time and labour to pad it down, form the strand blob evenly into the perfectly round pancake – allow it cook a bit. When your heart knows it is ready (about 9 minutes or so) make sure it is not stuck and then ever so skillfully, give it a flip. It is a really exciting moment when you see the beauty-full golden browness that was underneath – now the other side must reach this as well. You can flip it one or two more times to check for even cooking, firm structure and to gain flippin’ satisfaction. Slide it out of the pan into the plate when it’s done and crumble feta on it while it’s hot.

Put that pan back on the element and get crackin’ – 4 eggs, over easy – place the eggs onto the pancake (one per quadrant) allow the slightly runny yolk to meld with the potato feta base.

Put that pan back on the element and throw in a handful of chopped pancetta, let it render out a bit and then through in a few handfuls of fresh spinach torn into bite size pieces – give it a  pinch of really good sea salt and a quick squeeze of lemon juice and watch as the teaming puffy spinach wilts down into a manageable portion. Kill the heat and scrape the contents onto the egg and potato pile. Use a pizza cutter to separate it into 2 or 4 pieces and share it with someone who appreciates all that.
It tastes sublime.







Bob cooks from the heart to create and feed – it always gets eaten up, so something must be right.. He loves to be creative in the kitchen, he likes to share with whoever will eat or read it. Follow his adventures at @EnrichinKitchen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram