Want to improve your game? Exercise your brain!

There is no question that exercise is one of the best ways to keep your body strong, healthy and free from disease. By being regularly active, you are able to manage your weight better, improve cardiovascular health, build bone density and maintain muscle mass.

However, physical benefits aside, some may ask how this will help when you are sitting at a desk all day working away or driving from client to client?

Well no one can argue that being sedentary never helped anyone but when you are sitting at your desk for hours at a time, the times when you are physically active actually have a much farther reach than you think.

Exercise affects the entire body, brain included.

Endorphins give you energy and can really pull you through that deadline if you are an afternoon exerciser and need to pull an all nighter.

Seratonin is your happy hormone that releases feelings of well-being. It has also shown to have cognitive advantages too such as memory and learning. Sound good to me.

Physical exercise increases blood flow AND oxygen to the brain and actually encourage new brain cells – you know, the ones our mother said we were losing as a teenager?

And would you believe that physical exercise also slows down the process of your brain shrinking? This is something that comes with age just like our muscles atrophying.

We forget that the brain IS a muscle so it needs to be trained accordingly and much more than just sitting and doing crossword puzzles.

Want to be more efficient and “awake” in your desk job? Get up and get moving. Ask anyone who has just come in from a 5k run or left the gym. Their head is more clear, they are more focused and if you need to get a job done, it’s in the bag.

So stop suffering at your desk and start doing.

Simple stuff.