#SocialforGood Conference Attendee Biography

Susan is a financial professional with more than 15 years experience in finance, accounting, and human resources. She has worked for big banks, insurance companies, engineers, and physicians. In 2012 Susan decided to open her own small business accounting and bookkeeping firm to cater to other small businesses and step out of the hectic Bay St. finance life. Though working for herself and running her own business can be incredibly hectic as well, it has its rewards which make it much more enjoyable.

Since 2012 Susan has expanded her portfolio to include clients of almost every business type from graphic designers, nutritionists, manufacturers, to larger scale video production and marketing companies. Susan and her team offer complete bookkeeping services, payroll, and several accounting services to her clients. She works closely with other accounting organizations such as Collins Barrow in Toronto to offer her clients even more in the way of tax planning, taxation and investments.

In 2014 Susan was contracted through Service Ontario to develop and teach a financial literacy and business bookkeeping course for participants in the Ontario Self Employment Benefits program. Throughout the year she has the opportunity to work with over 50 new business owners and help them to understand their business finances before getting started. With this knowledge she believes they become more aware and more attuned to their finances which will allow them to make more appropriate business decisions (with respect to their money).

As her business continues to grow she and her team enjoy meeting new clients and becoming a part of their business journey. They pride themselves on being a part of their client’s organization and actively supporting growth and success by provided accurate accounting records and sound advice.

Susan and her team are all QuickBooks Pro-Advisors and are currently working towards certification with SAGE University. They provide services onsite or virtually and use several cloud programs (including QB Online) to offer clients a paperless and virtual accounting service.

Watkin Small Business Services is ‘Your Accounting Department’ and as such they help to manage your finances so you can focus on managing your business.

How can your experience or your business help fellow conference attendees?

I can offer advice on a multitude of bookkeeping practices for various different business types. I work directly with the CRA and have the experience to navigate the confusing world of small business taxes and rules for expenses and revenue. With my QuickBooks and Sage knowledge and advanced skills in Excel, I can offer advise on tracking business expenses, calculating taxes, using these various programs.

Number one is that I’m passionate about educating other small business owners in doing what they need to do for business success, with respect to their finances. I’m always happy to teach someone if they want to learn for themselves or if they need help getting started. I’ve seen too many businesses suffer from bad bookkeeping and accounting, and the professionals that provide them, so I like to show that there are many of us that are very good at what we do and we really do care about you and your business.

My experiences with my clients allows me to speak to other small business owners about how their finances might best be handled.

What do you hope to take away from the conference?

I always enjoy getting together with other entrepreneurs and especially seeing the number of women entrepreneurs getting together to network and celebrate each other. I like to meet new people and see what other businesses are out there, what everyone up to.

Since moving out of Toronto it is also a time to catch up with colleagues I have not seen in a while and I even bump into a client or two!


Connect on Twitter @WatkinSBS and at http://watkin-sbs.ca and on facebook

Susan Watkin is attending the #SocialforGood Conference

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