“You are only given one spark of madness – You mustn’t Lose It.” Robin Williams




Such brilliant words.

I am just starting to embrace this part of my being in my forties. I too have struggled with depression and anxiety over the years. It is so easy to self medicate. I get it.  Coming from a family where the addiction gene runs strong I have sympathy and understanding for Robin’s family and for Robin.

My adopted father died in part because of alcoholism – I can’t help but think it was unresolved childhood issues that caused this – I wish I could have given him more understanding during the last years of his life but living with an alcoholic is not easy. You run out of patience.

We often label people as good or bad. Even children get this label. I feel proud when I am told how good my kids are, but really aren’t we all good? There are very few that aren’t good – just misunderstood or hurting so much that their goodness hides deep within their hearts. Waiting to come out.

Robin, I absolutely loved your stand up shows.  Your craziness would have me in stitches. When you were interviewed by late night hosts I would have  tears of laughter. Snorting giggles.


 Thank you for making me laugh.


To those still living: If you are hurting reach out to someone. Don’t give up you will find someone who cares to help you. I believe that whole heartily.


Remember: Psychiatrist’s visits in Canada are covered under OHIP. I have seen a wonderful doctor for years and it has been so helpful to my mental health. Having a non judge-mental outlet for your thoughts is critical to staying emotionally healthy.


Let us live in less judgement of those that hurt or act badly. Behind all bad actions is always a story. Depression, addiction is a disease – not a personality defect. 


If I have one wise word to live your life by it would be: Judge less and love more. Rest in peace Robin.