That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger…

I’m always amazed when I hand over my writing to an editor, how it changes, grows and blossoms under another person’s care. Quite frankly, I’m delighted. To me, an editor is a gift. Without an editor, I can’t be sure if I’m being a thought-leader or navel-gazing, whining or being impactful.

But I know a lot of people who don’t like being edited. They don’t like exploring the warts in their writing, as if there’s shame in not crafting a perfect piece of prose before exposing it to the world. They argue that editing is not collaboration – it’s bowing under the weight of another person’s rule.

I disagree.

Networking, Collaboration & InnovationEditing IS collaborating because it’s so highly symbiotic. An editor can’t exist without a writer and ALL writing is better with editing. In fact, everything I do in business is better when I’m working with others. As a business owner, I need others to bounce ideas off of, to test out my theories. Whether it’s editing a blog post or dealing with a difficult client, we’re stronger together.

Throughout the month of June we’ve been talking about networking, collaboration and innovation on social media. If you’ve missed out on the conversation, we’ve included a few snippets below. Enjoy!

Welcome to a new breed of small entrepreneurs

There’s a phenomenon of female entrepreneurship happening in Canada. This trend serves women who want to be in control of their lives and better balance family life with their business, but sees a number turning to entrepreneurship out of necessity. What’s interesting about this new breed is that while making money is important, it’s not the only driving force. It’s the challenge, excitement and sense of achievement. Read more at the Globe & Mail.

How to overcome “too many ideas” syndrome

Most entrepreneurs can only dream about having that problem!  So don’t worry about being creative, just learn to strategically organize those million dollar ideas in to a tool kit for success! Read more on WIBN.

At what point do you explode?

How much overloading can you take before you explode? Is it one extra volunteer night at the school? What about if you add one more client project? And let’s not forget that fitness class you signed up for and swore you would never miss. The trouble with overloading yourself is it happens one thing at a time. Read more on MOMeo Magazine.

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