The Business

Lorelie’s business is sustainable interior design. She helps clients renew, refresh and redesign their living spaces or places of business in a sustainable way that considers the environment, tries to minimize the production of waste and attempts to reuse and repurpose furniture and materials.

Giving Back


My friend Lorelie Noble and I attended last year’s Women in Biz conference where we listened to many inspiring speakers. This is where Lorelie came up with the idea of Homefeathers, after she met Ellen Campbell of the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness. She thought that she might have some valuable ideas and through her connections within the interior design community, she could help women who have fled abusive situations and are finally able to move to a new home and begin a new life.

Through her Design Details business, Lorelie connects surplus interior design products with the women and children who Homefeathers serves. Lorelie believes all women have the right to a safe and comfortable home. Homefeathers helps women feather their new nest.

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