Lesson 10: Amplify your voice through speaking engagements

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Ideas for speaking opportunities 

  • Guest on a podcast
  • Speaking on a panel
  • Hosting an event
  • Speaking at event or conference
  • Define and build relationships with strategic partners

What you need to do

  • Have a speaking demo video that you can share
  • Prepare a speaking promotional file with references, topics that you speak on, what media exposure you have had
  • Network and let your community know you are looking for speaking opportunities
  • Target industry associations
  • Google events on Facebook, Meetup and Eventbrite. Attend events and then let the organizers know you are available to speak at their events
  • Be sure to be clear on what your niche is and what your ideal speaking opportunity looks like. Don’t say yes to everything = be strategic
  • If you are nervous about speaking I suggest crafting a presentation and look for opportunities to present the same material numerous times to gain confidence and clarity in your message


Start A Conversation.
Send them a SHORT email asking about the conference. Preferably something they can answer with a short reply. Here’s an example…

Hey John!

I noticed your “Association of Beautiful Brewing Baristas” conference is coming up in a few months in Seattle. I have a presentation about helping your baristas go from Tall to Venti that I think would be a great fit for your conference!

I was curious if you have started taking proposals for workshop presenters yet?

Thanks John!



  • Develop a speakers package that you can send out, ask your network for referrals by sending it out with a short personalized email.
  • Update your marketing plan to include speaking opportunities throughout the year
  • Book new speaking opportunity this month and have a plan for how this could result in new business. Include a special offer that you need to follow-up on with participants – this could be presented in-person, via a webinar if possible have it recorded
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