Number 4: Creating your Mission Statement

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Having written copy around why you do things will be great for future marketing material. The why around your marketing is way sexier then what you actually do! We want to breathe emotionally charged copy and drive into your marketing. We want your audience to walk away feeling something. Remember we are solving their problems with your why! The problem you already figured out for them! Make it easy for them. You are doing the hard leg work so they don’t!

To get to refining your mission statement it helps to really check in with your why. The information below and accompanying worksheets is going to help you really think about your higher purpose and how to better communicate that (as it is way sexier marketing – trust me!)


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It’s Not What You Think, It’s What You Feel

Any basic search of the Internet will return a plethora of purpose guides. That’s always a good place to begin. But if you really want to discover true purpose, you have to break through the limitation of saying what you think is expected versus what you really feel.

Spot the Difference Between What You Do vs. Why You Do It

There’s a simple test that lets you spot the difference between selling yourself based on what you do versus why you do it. It’s how it makes you feel. Because passion isn’t logic – it’s emotion.
If you were a manager, which statement would convey more to you about this person’s purpose?

  • I have 14+ years of experience with computers: installing and configuring operating systems, and doing many various hardware/software upgrade. I have experience managing and maintaining a well-running IT environment, configuring/securing/encrypting wired/wireless networking, and much more. I am looking for a role as a IT / Tech Support / Network Administrator.


  • I am passionate about helping people find solutions that make their lives easier. That’s why in the jobs I’ve had until now I have become the natural go-to-guy who is always interested in solving problems, helping people make smarter choices and finding better and more efficient ways to get things done. I am drawn to working in IT because technology is at the heart of all the things people do these days – it’s how we manage our lives, keep organized and connect with others. A role in IT / Tech Support / Network Admin would therefore allow me to help people live more fully. I have 14+ years experience managing and maintaining a well-running IT environment…

Purpose is Powerful

Helping people find their purpose is powerful, because you watch them have a visceral response to something that they feel deep inside, and have a hard time expressing. So when you think about your purpose, remember to ask yourself why at least five times: why is it important, why is that significant, why do you believe that, why do you feel strongly about your belief, and why does that matter to you?


Step One: Answer 10 Purpose Questions

(Please note: the questions will be in the worksheet links below so there are sections to record it in pdf format)

Step Two:  Identify Your Purpose

In this step, you boil your answers from the 10 purpose questions down into a one-liner purpose statement.  To do so:

  1. Review the answers to your 10 Purpose questions.
  2. Write down the empowering words that appear most often. (keep this close for your mission statement exercise)
  3. Choose the words that inspire you, that make you feel good – link them back to times you felt happy and successful.
  4. Write one sentence that sums up why those words or phrases are important in your life.  Keep this sentence as simple and clear as possible.

What is a mission statement:  Defines the philosophies, operating principles or purpose of your company.

STEP 3:  Craft your Mission Statement 

  • Define by way of an actionable goal (your why can be incorporated)
  • Make sure your statement is not too long
  • Make sure it shows your personality or brand image (professional vs playful)
  • Leave out fluff: Add concrete, quantifiable elements. Steer away from writing a mission statement with a big, idealistic vision that isn’t rooted in anything concrete.
  • Instead of saying something like “We aim to make the world a better place,” tell which customers you’re aiming to help. Look back at your brainstorming notes for concrete ideas.
  • Consider breaking it down into several smaller mission statements. What’s your mission in terms of your product? How about your customer service mission?
  • What constitutes “best” in your field?
  • Test it out
  • Revise when necessary
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