Today on Empower Hour for Changemakers, Hilda will share invaluable insights and practical strategies aimed at helping attendees recognize and leverage their unique talents. Drawing from her extensive experience in coaching and mentorship, Hilda will delve into the importance of embracing one’s strengths and abilities, while also addressing common challenges that may hinder self-confidence.

Hilda Gan, Culture Expert

Wouldn’t you like to have a place where people feel motivated and engaged to come to work? Well, Hilda knows how to make that happen.

Hilda Gan (RN, MHSc, CHRL) is the President and Chief People Officer of People Bright Consulting Inc., an award-winning HR management consulting firm based in the Greater Toronto Area. She has helped leaders of companies and organizations build the foundations for successful hiring, healthy and inclusive work culture and engaged staff. An International Best-Selling Author featured in the ‘Women Who BossUp’ series, Hilda is a Fascinate Certified Advisor, using Sally Hogshead’s Fascinate® Test to help Leaders and Staff gain confidence in understanding their unique advantages. Managers and Teams are transformed into high-performing teams through the REVUP approach and the Fascination Test.

Join us for “Empower Her Hour: Live Support & Tools” every Thursday at 2 pm EST, exclusively on LinkedIn Live!

This series is dedicated to fostering a supportive community where women empower women. Each week, we dive into the wealth of resources and tools designed to promote equity, diversity, and career advancement for women in business and beyond.

What to Expect:

  • Live Q&A Sessions with Experts: Have your pressing questions answered in real-time by our panel of seasoned professionals
  • Tool Showcases: Discover curated tools tailored for HR, business, and career development that drive equity and inclusion.
  • Career and Mentorship Opportunities: Learn about our Hire Her Job Board and mentorship programs designed to propel your professional journey.
  • Exclusive Consultations: Drop in your questions during the LinkedIn Livestream or email us at INFO@WOMENBIZ.CA to book a complimentary consult. #EmpowerwithanHour

Whether you’re seeking a job, support for your business, looking to hire talented female professionals, or need specialized DEIB and HR services, “Empower Her Hour” is your go-to resource. Let’s grow, learn, and succeed together in creating more inclusive workplaces.

Tune in. Speak up. Stand out. Let’s empower each other.

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Welcome to Empower Hour for Changemakers - be the change in the world and within yourself. Every Thursday at 2 pm EST

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