Imposter syndrome hit me with a vengeance when I took on a new opportunity last fall. I am always up for trying something new. I will go after it with a vengeance, not second guess myself and then figure out after how I will make it work. This has generally worked well for me but NOT this time. Pow! sucker punch – wind knocked right out of me. I truly felt in over my head for a number of reasons.

I hate giving up, I pride myself on being tough and not backing down. I wasn’t always like this but owning a business gave me the courage to be a new person. It didn’t happen overnight but I realized in time that it was possible to follow one’s instincts, take risks and focus on what I wanted without being scared.

Problem was that I had a nagging feeling that this wasn’t going to be right for me but I didn’t listen. I ignored my intuition.  I negotiated for more money and got it (always do this). Why should I turn it down?

I didn’t listen to my intuition because sometimes what you think is intuition is just fear. But in this case, I knew there was going to be a personality conflict. I thought I could win this person over. Nope. Didn’t work. That’s when imposter syndrome hit me hard. Fear and panic showed up every day dealing with a personality conflict and I lost my footing. I stopped believing in myself because I sensed the other person didn’t believe I was good enough.

Until I realized that I am enough and decide it was time to move on.

Now more than anything  I want to focus on helping women find their career core values so that they recognize right away what is going to work for them and what won’t. Saving time and energy.

Join me and our amazing leadership mentor Debra along with other WIBN members for a frank discussion on Imposter Syndrome: how to identify it and what to do about it. 

As always at our meetings, you get an opportunity to share your story and insights. Plus ask for help and give your support as well.

Win! Win!