Resolving Conflicts is hard at the best of time, in a professional relationship sometimes it is even more so.

This is not math with a formula – this is shades of interpersonal relationships we are dealing with.

I suggest having an open discussion to better evaluate things, this helps to strengthen the relationship. As well as, each persons capability to conflict resolve future issues/concerns.

Before the discussion, I often suggest for people to use the “pillow talk” technique to look at all the various perceptions of the incident I am right because, they are right because, I am wrong because, they are wrong because, we are both wrong/right because.

Determine; what things can I change, what could I do or have done to have had an outcome more to my desirer, what things did the other person engage in that I could have countered in a different more productive manner.

What engagement did they do that I could not control through verbal communication, at what point should I have chosen to remove myself from the conflict episode to allow for a cool down period.

Examine what are reasonable expectations of both parties involved.

Sometime we also have to come to the understanding that not all relationships are healthy, and we need to remove ourselves from unhealthy relationships.

An important take away is learning to protect ourself and not allow others to disrespect us in the future.

This does not mean you disrespect the other person, but instead during the conflict event make a decision when to walk away from the conflict interaction.

Evaluate if the relationship is a healthy one to be in or it would be best to dissolve it, and move forward with ones life.



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