Event Description

We are very excited to tell you about an amazing, never-done-before event Odette Laurie is hosting, The Canadian Domination Virtual Summit!
This is a free virtual summit that runs from January until April.

We have 40 top Canadian experts, including Bob Proctor, sharing their secrets on how they dominate their profits in business. We are thrilled to share this business building opportunity with you and fellow WIBN entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to help others … pursue your dreams … and make a ton of money!

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From January 6th, to April 3rd, 2015

It’s a Virtual Event. Listen at your convenience.

Cost: FREE

How can people register?

What will attendees learn?

Be there among this unique group of like-minded, top-tier entrepreneurs in this one-of-a-kind forum created to give you everything you need …

– all the secrets to building a serious money-making business machine…

– all the insider info on sales strategies, branding, promotions…

– all the insights into what works in business, and what doesn’t… from marketing strategies… to promotional campaigns…to proven conversion tactics… to money management systems… to personal motivation methods… and much, much more!

– all the knowledge you normally ONLY get from having done it before!


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