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Contact: Manpreet Dhillon
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About Manpreet of Veza

Business Coach, Human Resources Consultant

Creating unity by embracing diversity

For more than 15 years, Manpreet has partnered with clients to serve as a business coach when they were looking to start or grow their business, move to the next rung of the corporate ladder or wanted to have it all. With organizations, Manpreet works with the senior management and executive leadership teams to redefine human resources strategies and programs including development of human resources practices to diversity initiatives.

Manpreet is a well-known consultant and coach whose message is to support pan-culturalism and create a business world that maximizes skills by mending the disconnect society has with diversity in business.

Manpreet’s mission in life is support the business world be reflective of the society they are working in, whereas the leadership teams and successful entrepreneurs reflect the demographics of the communities they serve. Clients will experience improvements in revenues, success mindset, having it all while having a sense of balance.

A champion for personal, professional and organizational success and wellbeing,  Manpreet serves mandates related to: organizational strategy , human resources initiatives, change management and organizational culture and building community. Manpreet is able to incorporate her psychological intelligence in an appreciative inquiry approach to pan-cultural consulting.

Veza is a community for pan-cultural individuals who face the challenges of their cultural backgrounds and how that relates to their career paths. Veza allows them to align to their true selves and up level their experiences in this world.

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