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Julia Borgini

Head Geek & Freelance Copywriter for B2B Technology Companies
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Biographical Info

Julia Borgini helps Geeks sell more stuff. I write engaging website content for B2B Technology companies, making it easier for their salespeople to close business.

How do I do that?

  1. With my Specialized Geek Experience. I can navigate the software development landscape easily because I’ve been in the trenches with you. I’ve brought coffee and donuts to the office early in the morning after an all-night Developer coding session, and made the 10pm pizza run when the deployment ran late.
  2. Because Copywriter + Technology = Me. I’m skilled in the art of persuasive copywriting, having trained with AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.), the world’s leading trainer of direct-response copywriters. I also hold a Technical Communications Certificate from George Brown College. And I’m a Computer Geek. If it’s got an ethernet cable, a port, chips, RAM, or a stack, I’m the Geek you’re looking for.
  3. Letting them increase their writing bandwidth and ultimately, increase their sales. They add me to their current complement of in-house writers, or if they don’t have any writers at all. I offer fresh perspectives on their existing marketing materials, and help them produce the last-minute items they need.

That’s how I help Geeks sell more stuff.

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