Add or Edit Your Business Directory Listing


To Create Your Business Directory Listing 


Women in Business Directory Submission


  • When you are signed in, locate your business directory listing here and enter your name in the “search field” – click on your listing. Choose “edit” – make necessary edits and click on update at the bottom.

Example of Organizational Entry:


Example of Personal Entry:




Additional Helpful Info

  • Upload a personal image (150X150 is best).  This will NOT display in your directory listing, but in the
  • Upload a logo (150X150 is best but the image will be resized if necessary).  This is the image that will show in your directory listing. NOTE: The Second Image Box is the one that publicly displays in Business Directory 
  • Under Publish box (upper right) select public.
  • Select your category (Marketing, Accounting etc) in the category box.
  • Click Add Entry. To view your entry, click the Women In Business Network link at the top of the page to visit the site. Click on Business Directory.
  • To View Your Live Business Directory Submission:
  • See your Directory Listing Individually on the right-hand side of the website on the MAIN LANDING PAGE.