Are you growing your business? Learning what not to do to save your time or energy? Women in Biz Network offers a unique business accelerator for ambitious women who are ready to scale and grow their business without the hustle and grind and want to enjoy a profitable, fun and freedom filled business and life.


Here are just a few things you’ll achieve when you become part of our high-achieving community of Queen Bees

  • Get clarity on your life vision and how to align your business to support you.

  • Refine and optimize your business model, so it is scalable and sustainable.

  • Move your business forward faster and more easily by leveraging the power of expert mentors and a motivated group of business peers, so you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

  • Empower yourself with the repeatable systems and processes that will allow you to step into the role of CEO and free you up to focus on doing more of what you love at work and in life.

  • Build strong foundations that will future-proof your business so you can sustainably scale for years to come.

  • Leverage the power of community as you develop powerful new business and personal relationships with other high achievers.


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