Filling up on inspiration

What do you get when you put 300 smart, savvy business women in a room with a power-packed lineup of speakers from across North America? Words like inspirational, motivational, galvanizing, stimulating might come to mind – but they’d miss the mark by a thousand kilometers. Seriously.

If you attended this year’s Women in Biz Network 3rd Annual Conference, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you missed it, here’s a quick recap of what you missed.

Getting to know each other at WIBNDanielle LaPorte

I’ve watched Danielle’s videos but I wasn’t prepared for her spellbinding stage presence. As opening keynote, she set the foundation for the rest of the day, not with a rah-rah cheer but a thought-provoking, sometimes joyful sometimes sobering, speech. While listening to Danielle felt like a chat with a friend over a latte, her words and passion were LOUD. My favorite quote, “Whatever you’re doing now that you resent, stop. It’s standing in the way of your success.” Read more about Danielle on WIBN.

Janet Rouss

I’ve admired Janet’s work for years and it was joy to listen to her learnings. Janet’s calm, reassuring talk reminded the audience how approaching business from a service (rather than sell, sell, sell) standpoint is not only easier, but more sustainable. My favorite quote, “It’s not about getting your target audience to choose you over your competition. It’s about being the ONLY solution for your ideal client.” Read more about Janet on WIBN.

Anastasia Valentine

I worked with Anastasia during last year’s conference and knew she was a keeper during our first interview. For her to present again this year reaffirmed that not only does she have a great message – she knows how to reach her audience. My favorite quote, “If you’re not turning a profit, you’re running a hobby, not a business.” Read more about Anastasia on WIBN.

Fay ChappleLet's hug this one out

There’s one sure way to tell whether a speaker reaches the heart of her audience – and it’s not in the number of tweets she generates. When Fay shared her personal journey of how the Clarity Centre arrived in this world, the tweeting stopped. Everything stopped. Watching the audience stare, afraid to breathe for fear of missing even one word – that’s success. My favorite quote, “You need two things to get through your day – an idea plan and a calendar.” Read more about Fay on WIBN.

Marsha Friedman

There’s so much to love about the idea of celebretizing yourself and the woman who shared an over-abundance of information to attendees. Being someone (or a brand) that excites the media doesn’t just happen – it takes a carefully executed plan. My favorite quote, “Never pitch yourself or your product Only the solution that your product solves.” Read more about Marsha on WIBN.

Jessica HolmesLiza rocks out at WIBN

Jessica sashayed on the stage as Liza Minneli and had everyone in attendance howling in laughter within minutes. But she didn’t keep everyone laughing – finding joy is serious business. All attendees left with a copy of Jessica’s book, “I love the sound of your laugh” and I intend to take mine on an upcoming trip – I know it will be a thoughtful read. My favorite quote, “If you get Into the habit of changing what comes out of your mouth, you will be changing the way you believe.” Learn more about Jessica on WIBN.

10K ideas to build your business

01-WIBN_4Put five successful business women on a stage to talk strategy and you know you’re in for some strong take-aways. Julie Cole, Anne-Marie Burton, Chala Dincoy, Katia Millar and Laura Furtado each offered a unique perspective on the business of making money. My favorite quote from Laura Furtado, “If you were not around tomorrow…would your business still be successful? Build the process!” Read more about Laura on WIBN.

Business superstar secrets

I sat on this panel with Deb Weinstein, Erica Ehm, Adria MacKenzie and Sharon Vinderine – surrounded by awesomeness. My favorite quote goes to Adria, hands down. She shared an incredibly personal story, and from my vantage point on the stage, I could feel how deeply sharing it meant to her – I had trouble not crying as she spoke. “Take the chance. Take the leap. Take the risk.”

More WIBN awesomeness

A few of our attendees left so inspired they felt compelled to share their inspiration with the world. We’re glad they did.

Lots of AH-HA! momentsWhile WIBN generated more tweets than we could ever possibly hope to share, we’ve grabbed a few for you to enjoy here.


@healingsinger ~ I am feeling satiated, spiritually full and filled with #gratitude after #WIBN Go for it Conference.

@yummymummyclub ~ So happy to be surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs at #WIBN. @womenbiznetwork, you’ve pulled together a meaningful conference.

@activekidsclub ~ A great day at the #WIBN Fay Chapple was my fave today, what an amazing strong woman. I did enjoy the simple calendar tip too !

@morganizedmom ~ So much work went into it-amazing! RT @centre4artnsoul: Thank you Leigh and Faye of @womenbiznetwork for a day of #WIBN awesomeness.

@agathastawicki ~ Entrepreneurs focus too much on product rather than building the business foundation and process. @divagirlfitness #wibn

@pamelamaeross ~ Sometimes we need some quick revenue BUT think about what you’re doing wrong that could save time or money – @juliecole #WIBN

@healingsinger ~ Brilliant media & PR advice from @marshafriedman Pitch the problem your product or service solves, Not the product or Let's talk about this more...service or you. #WIBN

@momstownbiz ~ love this! RT @daniellelaporte: Think of your ideas as a revenue treasure chest you’re going to pull from. @avv #WIBN

@turnercoaching ~ Be the courageous leader in your biz to lift and hold your clients. Thank you @cr8ivemuse #WIBN

Were you in attendance at WIBN? What are your conference take-aways? Leave a comment below or drop a link to your blog post? I’m looking forward to reading your take-aways!


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