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Do Auto Tags Really Work?

I’m using this post to find tags plugin It claims: "This plugin uses the and APIs to find the most relevant keywords from the content of your post, and then adds them as tags. New for version 0.2: an options page allows to choose how many tags are retrieved from each service The tag adding is fully automatic, so if you’re using a plugin like feedwordpress to display RSS feeds on your blog as posts, everything will get done as the feed posts are published. No user intervention necessary!"

API’s a fancy acronym for ‘programmed connections’ to and to generate tags from your post automatically. If it works, it will be a real time saver because I won’t have to sit and think of relevant tags each time I post. It will also help me with SEO because it will comb those all powerful search engines for popular keywords and compare them to the tags that it generated for me. Cool tool if it works, stay tuned while I save and see!

OK back again, and yes it did work! It generated six tags (I opted for 3 from each API) and they were relevant!

Check out the Auto tags plugin for yourself, and start saving time!wordpress-plugin

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