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Improving Sales with Great Online Copywriting


We Don’t Care about your Widgets

Here’s an important tip about selling products online: don’t sell products online.  

Wait, what? Doesn’t everyone sell online? Yes, and most of them don’t do very well. The really good online businesses don’t sell – instead, they make people want to buy, through effective, action-inspiring web copy. When writing sales copy, most people use lots of words to describe what their products do or what their cool features are, instead of how their customers will benefit.  

Unfortunately, the features of your product or service aren’t what your readers want to read about. They only want to know if you can fix whatever problem they are having. So figure out what problem that is and then tell them how you’ll relieve the pain. Don’t assume they’ll figure this out on their own when they look at web copy that just lists your product features.

How do the features benefit me?

If you sell a really awesome hairbrush, one that weighs five grams and folds up to fit in a clutch and dispenses gel in preset amounts…not all of your website visitors will immediately understand why they need it. Never assume that people will automatically connect the features of your product to how it will meet their needs.  

Focus on the problem you’re solving for the customer – now she can have perfect hair all night and not have to carry a big handbag to the club. Your copywriting should appeal to a person who likes to go out, doesn’t want to pay for coat or bag check, and doesn’t want to drop her purse on the floor of a nightclub while her and her friends all dance around it.  

Talk to her.  

Acknowledge her needs first, because that’s what people care about. Then sell.  

Selling is always secondary. Revise your web copy or online marketing material and let me know how your customers respond.