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Speaker Spotlight: Manpreet Dhillon from Manpreet Dhillon Consulting


Manpreet Dhillon, co-founder of Be Your Own Best Friend, wears another hat as a Freedom Catalyst. She helps women create more freedom in their life and the game plan they need so women are happier, healthier and more successful. Manpreet is a Certified Personal and Business Coach, Certified Heal Your Money Story Coach, Certified Human Resources Professional with a Masters in Organizational Management to allow her to support women in moving forward in life.

Manpreet has a strong passion for bringing the best out of people and have them live their dream life. She believes that everyone is meant to be abundant, healthy, have the life they want both personally and professionally. On the business side, Manpreet works with organizations on strategy, change management, organizational culture and building community. While she is not being a super woman, she loves traveling, experiencing cultures, volunteering, researching new cheesy jokes that she will repeat over and over again until she finds a new one .

How does your business help entrepreneurs and professional women?

My experience helps entrepreneurs and professional women grow into the next stage of their career and their business. I have helped many women start and grow their businesses, which were their passions, to a level where there was:
*An increase in revenue
*Increased productivity of current team members,
*Redefinition of strategies and process allowing for greater efficiency and results
*A more expansive mindset that directly impacted the business goals

What are you passionate about in your business and what steps are you taking to make it profitable?

I am most passionate about helping women live their dream life, where they feel the ultimate freedom, confidence and satisfaction that they are impacting the world.

I love seeing women grow and flourish as they align more to their truth.

The steps I am taking to make my business profitable is maximizing visibility and inspiring others to take action through my upcoming radio show on and my regular column in a South Asian newspaper. I also have multiple income streams that supports my business to be more profitable.

What do you hope conference attendees will take away from hearing you speak at our conference?

I hope that conference attendees will take minimum 2 strategies they can use immediately to grow their business.


What is your favourite business tool

Harvest Time. I love this tool as it allows me to maximize my time by keeping me aware of how I am spending it and also allows my time to be tied into my financial reports for my business. It is easy to use while applying metrics to my business.

What is your favourite business book?

My favorite business book is “One Minute Manager” by Ken Blanchard.

This book crystallized for me how to be the most effective manager and really empower others to do the best they can do. This book reminded me of the importance of focusing on the positives and regularly checking in with my team on what was going well and what they needed support on. It is a easy read that can impact a team greatly.

Connect on Twitter @manpreetd and at and on facebook

About the Passion to Profit Conference

Passion to Profit is an affordable opportunity for Canadian entrepreneurs to grow their networks and find the support and training they need. October 20 , 2014 – Vancouver, BC.

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Having a tough time cracking a new market?

health_and_fitness_wall_clockegg1Making it all work – Together

I remember when I started Core Expectations a little over 5 years ago and I had the dream of leaving my regular personal training job at a local gym and making “thousands” of dollars on my own. No one to pay a commission to and working my own hours was the perfect scenario.

“Perfect” is one thing. Reality is another.

A little over a year later, I found myself more of an administrator, bookkeeper, marketer and schmoozer than a personal trainer and wondering if I had made the right decision to go it on my own and become an entrepreneur.

Personal trainers are a dime a dozen and will under cut you by $5 to get clients and unless people know you and you have a “name” for yourself, price is a common deciding factor.

It was right about that time that my good friend said “Samantha, you need to get other trainers”. What??? I didn’t even have enough clients for myself, never mind for anyone else. But it wasn’t about that. She said “you want to be prepared so when the sh*t hits the fan, you’re ready!” and man, was she right.

I did my first PR campaign for Mummy Tummy and business went through the roof! Before I knew it I had to get more trainers to help with the overwhelming demand. But I was still an administrator (now with staff), driving around like a mad person meeting new clients, managing my books, setting up appointments and pulling my hair out, one strand at a time.

Time to wake up.

That’s when I got a big reality check. I couldn’t do everything and nor should I. I was good at what “I” do but had no interest in bookkeeping and administration and I couldn’t continue the insane amount of hours I was putting in to see clients from one end of the city to the next.

This is when I asked myself; “how come nobody told me this entrepreneur thing was so damn hard?” No one said I was going to work double the amount of hours I did when I worked for “the man”.

Time to delegate and collaborate.

I have since recruited myself a bookkeeper, virtual assistant and have an amazing team that helps to create a voice other than my own on my blog so I have more time to do what I want to do – grow my business.

I have also expanded my reach and am now the newest in-house fitness expert on the Marilyn Denis Show. The ROI on that can’t even be measured.

Looking back, I’m not sure I would have done it any other way, as these past 5 years have been a learning experience that got me where I am today. None of this was easy by any means and it has taken me a long time to let go and trust that in growth, I can’t be Superwoman. Having a team behind me that works collectively towards the same goal has not only helped my business grow but has allowed them to be part of something bigger.

Remember when I said, personal trainers were a dime a dozen? Not us. Together, Core Expectations is the leading pre & postnatal wellness company that doesn’t skimp on price or quality because in this case, you get what you pay for.

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Stop, Start and Continue!

Stop – Start – Continue

stop-start-continue womeninbiznetwork.comIf you were at the Women In Biz Conference last month, you will remember I left you with some food for thought.  I also said I would be checking in with you. Here I am, checking in.

If you weren’t at the Conference, no problem, you will be up to speed by the end of the next paragraph. Promise!

We talked at the end of the day about something called the Stop – Start – Continue Continuum. I asked you to reflect on your business and on what you learned throughout the day.  Then I asked you to identify one thing you were going to STOP doing within your business, one thing to START doing within your business and one thing to CONTINUE doing.

So did you do it?  No marks off if you didn’t or haven’t, it’s not too late. Do it now.  Go on, I dare you.

Here’s an example of how this type of path setting happens:

I have STARTED my own training company. Last week, not a word short of a lie.  Nothing is really changing in my work world except I am putting a brand behind what I have been doing for years.  It’s a leap as I no longer work FOR another client, but they are now a client of mine.  It’s semantics – but an important one. I have STOPPED thinking I need to be everything to everyone. I am no longer the ‘should’ girl.  We can should all over ourselves. I am making professional decisions based on what is best for my growing family, and for me.  I am going to CONTINUE reaching out and learning from you wonderful women. I am continuing to grow my networks and to offer value to others on a daily basis. 

So what about you?  What are you going to Stop, Start and Continue doing in your business? Leave a comment so we can all find out more about you, and learn from you on your business journey!

Shelagh Cummins is the Founder and Editor at  She has just launched her latest venture – a boutique business training company.  Specializing in course development and design, facilitation and speaking, Shelagh is excited to continue working with, and being a part of, the Women In Biz Network. You can find Shelagh on Twitter at @practicalmum and @biztrainher.