Stop, Start and Continue!

Stop – Start – Continue

stop-start-continue womeninbiznetwork.comIf you were at the Women In Biz Conference last month, you will remember I left you with some food for thought.  I also said I would be checking in with you. Here I am, checking in.

If you weren’t at the Conference, no problem, you will be up to speed by the end of the next paragraph. Promise!

We talked at the end of the day about something called the Stop – Start – Continue Continuum. I asked you to reflect on your business and on what you learned throughout the day.  Then I asked you to identify one thing you were going to STOP doing within your business, one thing to START doing within your business and one thing to CONTINUE doing.

So did you do it?  No marks off if you didn’t or haven’t, it’s not too late. Do it now.  Go on, I dare you.

Here’s an example of how this type of path setting happens:

I have STARTED my own training company. Last week, not a word short of a lie.  Nothing is really changing in my work world except I am putting a brand behind what I have been doing for years.  It’s a leap as I no longer work FOR another client, but they are now a client of mine.  It’s semantics – but an important one. I have STOPPED thinking I need to be everything to everyone. I am no longer the ‘should’ girl.  We can should all over ourselves. I am making professional decisions based on what is best for my growing family, and for me.  I am going to CONTINUE reaching out and learning from you wonderful women. I am continuing to grow my networks and to offer value to others on a daily basis. 

So what about you?  What are you going to Stop, Start and Continue doing in your business? Leave a comment so we can all find out more about you, and learn from you on your business journey!

Shelagh Cummins is the Founder and Editor at  She has just launched her latest venture – a boutique business training company.  Specializing in course development and design, facilitation and speaking, Shelagh is excited to continue working with, and being a part of, the Women In Biz Network. You can find Shelagh on Twitter at @practicalmum and @biztrainher.



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