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#Podcast Ep 12: Thrive by Self Kindness with @mayyouknowjoy



Adrienne Edgar enjoyed a successful media career spanning nearly two decades working with talented thought leaders, teams and clients. Her rich experience in this industry taught her firsthand how to become a strategic thinker, communicator and marketer. It also showed her how easy it is to succumb to stress and lose one’s self along the way in today’s frenetic “24-7” world. Stress can disconnect us from our bodies, our dreams, our creativity and our joy if we let it. Adrienne Edgar Inc. is dedicated to helping people re-connect with themselv
es, their hearts and their truth so, that they can live their truest, most authentic life. While Adrienne Edgar Inc. was started as a life coaching business, it has quickly evolved to include workshops, retreats, speaking engagements and a line of wellness products.

Adrienne’s business is dedicated to inspiring and empowering people to live their best lives. Through life coaching, yoga, workshops, retreats and her own line of May You Know Joy meditation cards, Adrienne works with clients to cultivate self-awareness, kindness, creativity and joy.
Connect with her at https://mayyouknowjoy.com/

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