Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a fabulous WIBN reception  at the Spoke Club for our members. The event provided members with the opportunity to “volunteer” to pitch (up to 1 minute) in front of  fellow members and then receive constructive feedback on how their pitch was received.

Our members did a fabulous job…. I was so proud of their courage to put themselves out there and then receive feedback. The response was amazing… attendees had concrete advice given on how effective their delivery was.  It also helped them to understand whether they were clearly demonstrating their value and uniqueness.

We also talked about difference situations in which you would “pitch”. For example: Pitching a story to the media, speaking on stage at an event, speaking to a client or attending a networking function.  The circumstances surrounding the opportunity greatly change your pitch.


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Here are some best practices on pitching:


  • Be yourself and believe in your business. If you don’t believe in yourself or your product/service no one will.
  • Ensure your elevator pitch is short and to the point – don’t ramble.  Stop, take a moment and collect your thoughts if you need to.
  • Identify your unique selling proposition
  • Identify your ideal clients and know how you can assist with their pain points.
  • After you have chatted state what you want to happen next and how you want to follow up.
  • Rehearse at home – write a script and practice, practice, practice.
  • After you rehearse try filming yourself. There is nothing like a camera to prove how good or bad your pitch/delivery is.
  • Timing of your pitch should be no more than 1 minute.
  • Start with your script in mind but keep to your authentic self and ensure you are taking the actual conversation and setting into consideration.
  • In most circumstances, keep it casual and feel the body language of the other person.
  • Don’t drink too much! There is nothing worse then slurring your words or over being overly friendly! ?Know your limits and don’t go over it. Remember fresh breath and smile (Go light on the perfume).
  • Final and most important take away is: Be YOURSELF and SPEAK NATURALLY.

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