You don’t have to know me for very long to discover that a passion for music is a standout driving force in my life. From years of professional experience in the music biz to countless volunteer hours spent organizing fundraising to benefit the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund , much of my life has been defined and enriched by lyrics, melodies and sonic love. I even planned the nuptials with and to my beloved with devoted adherence to the theme of ‘Music is Love’…and it took place in the ultimate of music cities, New Orleans! We’d never even been there until days before our wedding, but took the risk because of the Big Easy’s abundant audible offerings.


#PassiontoProfit Conference MC Aly Pain recently included listening to music as self-care advice in a WIBN webchat about what keeps entrepreneurs awake at night. The New York Times explored in this piece the effect on productivity that rockin’ out in the workplace has, citing how music brings us to the present moment and puts us in good moods. No matter what your tastes or inclinations, the elevating power of music is undeniable.

So with all that said, here is today’s Passion Playlist: 5 songs that have recently lit my fire!

  1. The Decemberists : Don’t Carry It All. This song is believed to speak to the transition into autumn. It’s just beautiful, plus it tells us Let the yoke fall from our shoulders; don’t carry it all, don’t carry it all. A message we should often be reminded of!
  2. Arcade Fire – Here Comes the Night Time. If you’re a fan, you’ll probably agree this band is a very powerful embodiment of musical passion. The frenzy that this song carefully grows into is a great soundtrack for a mid-day, work break dance party – do it now!
  3. Frazey Ford – September Fields. More reference to our current changing of seasons, but more importantly Al Green’s band backs Frazey’s distinct and gorgeous voice! So very groovy. This song is a gem.
  4. Shovels & Rope – Maryann and One Eyed Dan. Not only is this song funny, it’s heartwarming and on my very first listen I passionately fist pumped to the lyrics heartily belted out by this married duo: So long to a worried life, to a harder life, to a troubled life! Yes! Good riddance!
  5. Dolly Parton – Don’t Think Twice. Brassy feminist and one of my personal heroes covers Bob Dylan. Enough said.

This list will be different in my mind come tomorrow…and then again the next day! But that is the beauty of music. There is a sea out there of endless talent and passion fueling rhythms. The wave you catch one day may bring you somewhere different than the last.


App Recommendation: You have got to try out Spotify for playing and keeping music lists. It is amazing!


Feeling stuck in your passion’s path? Throw on a newly recommended album or trusted favorite and feel your heart open! Have a favourite? Leave it in the comment below.

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