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Meet Diana Goodwin | President & Founder, AquaMobile

Every small business begins with a dream, but where do those dreams come from? In many cases, entrepreneurs have a moment of need, in which they realize there is no available service to solve a problem for them. This moment is what sparks something within ourselves that inspires a startup. Business owners are problem solvers, above all, and most look to serve a need that exists within their community, as well as expanding into communities outside.

Each year, The Small Business Challenge Contest looks to highlight small businesses that are innovative, well thought out, and which could use a little boost to achieve success. At the Women in Biz Network, we were lucky enough to have a chance to interview this years winner, Diana Goodwin, the president and founder of AquaMobile.

It starts with a Mission

AquaMobile offers the incredible service of at-home swimming lessons. With the knowledge that 60% of childhood drownings occur in home pools, Diana saw a need, as well as a way to serve her community. Not only did Diana enter the contest with the hope of winning, she entered with a clear vision of what the prize money would do for her company and outreach. With $100,000, Diana plans to hire two new employees and expand her marketing effort.

A Great Growth Plan

This is an excellent lesson for those of us in business for ourselves. In so many ways, our vision is what drives us, but without a concrete plan of attack, success is hard to come by. Judges of the contest say that it was this clear and concise business plan that made AquaMobile the winner above many eligible entries.
AquaMobile has come a long way since their start 12 years ago. From a spark in the mind of a college student to a company with 750 instructors and 70% of business based in the US market.

All in Plan of Attack

When Diana was asked about her pitch to The Small Business Challenge Contest, her focus was on making sure that she was all-in. Not only did this philosophy work in terms of her contest entry, but in her business strategy as well. First and foremost, customer satisfaction and company improvement are valued at AquaMobile. Diana notes that her success comes from being multi-faceted, as well as knowing her business well enough to be competitive in a particular field.

Customer Testimonials

One of the great things on the AquaMobile website is a series of video testimonials that speak to both the effectiveness of the company, as well as the longevity. These customers are all people who have worked with AquaMobile for a fair amount of time, and who can really share their positive experience with the world. These kind of customer testimonials do wonders for those who are seeking out services and looking for information on what the company really provides and whether or not it is the right fit.

Congrats to AquaMobile

AquaMobile is a great example of a growing business success story.  The defining characteristic is that of a team that works together, plans and strategizes in order to succeed. We at The Women In Biz Network would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Diana Goodwin on her success, but also on being an inspiration to many small business owners who are on their own journeys.