Doing the Social in Social Media in Vancouver

The most powerful message that came from last nights Branding For Your Biz event at Vancouver’s Opus Hotel, was that the social part of social media is crucial to branding yourself and your business online.  The room was jam packed with smart savvy Vancouver business women who were eager to share and connect with each other in real life.  

This was the way of the future of social media, claimed Rebecca Bollwitt of Miss604 fame, when asked how she saw social media evolving.  The importance of connecting in real life was far more important than online.  Online interaction is the tool to find the right people to connect with in real life.

Rebecca did a super job of showing how the right use of tools like Twitter can push people to your website, building the right traffic for you.  For Miss604, Twitter is 2nd in rank for traffic sources for her after Google searches.  For her the key is consistency when using multiple platforms.  Use the same name/brand on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and so on.  Register your name with the platforms that you don’t even use….you never know.

Of course, reaching out to your growing online community is vital.  Rebecca reminded us to listen to the stories being shared.  Engage, retweet and share.  No matter what business you are in, become a resource for your community.  Let people feel that YOU are the person who knows the answers.

Rebecca has a great set of presentations on this and much more available on Slideshare.  Do take a look.

The human touch is key to Heather White too.   Heather’s background in pushing business to their limits has given her a new perspective on what is vital to success for any entrepreneur: Brand You.  Who are you?  What make YOU unique and different from the people offering the same services?  For Heather that is you.  Your story and what shaped you as an individual brings more depth to what is on your CV.  “A brand is one simple thing and that is trust.” Thank you Steve Jobs.

For Heather, truth shall conquer all.  Being honest with yourself and what you want from life can create the right opportunities.   As far as Heather is concerned, you have to be aware of what those opportunities are and listen to your gut and your soul. You are your brand.   Make that brand one of honesty and openness.

The speakers certainly had everyone fired up.   The #womenbiznetwork hashtag trended in Vancouver and across Canada last night.  Thank you all who tweeted your fingers raw throughout the evening.

There were no truer words spoken when Leigh shared her idea of “Live your dream. Invest in yourself.”   That is the heart of success, no matter where our journey leads us. 

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