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Fresh Air Fuels Success and makes us More Productive and Happy via @Deb_Lowther



I worked in large offices for many years and day after day watched dedicated employees ‘work through lunch’ or not take a break longer than the trip to the downstairs coffee shop for a refill. Preferring to get that report done or answer just a few more emails, feeling they were more productive by eating at their desk and forgoing a stretch or some fresh air. Now I work among dozens of ‘work from home’ entrepreneurs who can juggle their schedule to be there mid day for their child’s school talent show, but still don’t carve time away from their desk to take a fresh air break for themselves.

So what is the big deal? Being extra productive is good for business right?

It turns out not taking an outdoor break or time away from your desk is not so good for you. Studies show sitting too long can have many negative effectives on your joints, muscles and cardiovascular system not to mention the benefits you are missing from getting some mid day fresh air outside!

Now that Spring has sprung, it is time to boost productivity and throw open the windows and schedule some time in your busy work day to re fuel with a big breath of fresh air and a little outdoor activity!

Benefits of Fresh Air

Cleaner lungs

Fresh air cleanses your lungs as you inhale and with each exhale you are releasing airborne toxins from your body. Fresh air lets the clean in and flushes out the bad.

Clearer Mind

Your brain uses twenty percent of your body’s oxygen and the more fresh air you supply the greater clarity, improved concentration and more productivity you will enjoy. Fresh air lets you get more work done.

Increased Energy

Who doesn’t feel better after some fresh air? Even in the winter, those rosy cheeks leave you feeling energized. Sunshine, and its available vitamin D, has been shown time and again to improve mood, lessen Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms and reduce stress. Fresh air increases your energy level and encourages more activity.

Stronger Immune System

Your immune system works overtime to attack toxins and keep you healthy, when you add in fresh air, you relieve your immune system of some of its work by flushing out the toxins. The clean air also helps white blood cells kill and fight bacteria and germs. Fresh air keeps you healthy.

Better Digestion

Fresh air helps you to digest food more effectively. It is actually the walking that helps the food move through your digestive track and get absorbed easier, but nothing feels better after a big meal than a walk outdoors! Fresh air helps digestion.

Sleep Easier

Daily time in the fresh air and sunshine helps to regulate circadian rhythms for a better night’s sleep and some say the flow of fresh air in the house helps you fall asleep and enjoy a better quality sleep. Wake up well rested and ready for a productive workday. Fresh air for sound sleep.

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Balance Your Body for the Holiday Season with these Helpful Tips



Vitamin D & omega 3s keeps treats balanced

Your budget; it’s your plan on paper that determines how much you can spend on advertising, on supplies, on staff and how much revenue you need to have a healthy business.  You tweak it as business grows and move around your spending as priorities change because you realize the budget needs to remain in balance for your business to be a success. 

Your diet works the same way.  You need a plan on paper to chart how much protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables you’ll eat at meals and what treats you can afford to expense and still maintain a healthy body.  You can tweak your menu plan as your schedule changes, adding more nutrients on days you’re active or accommodating for the occasional night out.   Like a budget, your diet should remain in balance for your health to be a success. 

There seems to be a trend in business though, where the balanced budget takes priority over the balanced diet.  With a few simple staples on hand that are packed with super nutrients, you’ll ensure you have the tools you need to balance your diet.  Enter these 7 key ingredients into your spreadsheet and tally up the balanced health for you and your business. 

7 keys to ensure a balanced diet right on budget

·         Oats: Rolled Oats or Steel Cut Oats include more of the whole grain and pack more nutritional punch than instant oatmeal.  Cooking up over night in the crockpot saves time, adding fruit and milk add nutritional value.

·         Yogurt: Plain yogurt gives you the nutrition you need without the added artificial flavours, colours and extra sugar.  Yogurt helps your digestive system and keeps you healthy from the inside.  Add some fruit for flavour and use to top your oatmeal for a super charged breakfast. 

·         Fruits & Berries:  Berries pack more nutrients per volume than any other fruit.  Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries give you fiber, antioxidants and vitamins.  A handful a day on your oatmeal and yogurt and you start your morning off with more balance than your budget. 

·         Vegetables & Salad:  Lunch should be a staple of greens and raw vegetables to help you get the 5-10 servings a day you need.  Baby spinach comes pre washed and lasts 5 days in a resealable container and makes the perfect base for a salad. Toss on shredded carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, red peppers, chickpeas, tuna or hardboiled egg and a vinegar based dressing.   

·         Whole Grains:  Make the switch.  Buy everything whole grain – bread, pasta, crackers, and cereal.  Read labels and look for whole grains and 100% whole wheat to ensure you are getting only whole grain nutrition in every bite. 

·         Omega 3s: Your body needs omega 3s for brain and cardiovascular health but can’t produce them.  Plant based omega 3s from flax provide one type of omega 3 fatty acid known as alpha-linolenic acid, but only fish oils can give you the important DHA omega 3 fats you need.  DHA is highest in small fish like sardines and mackerel or salmon and tuna. Plan to have omega 3 DHA rich fish at least twice a week and then supplement your omega-3 diet with pure sourced omega 3 fish oil. All natural omega 3 Gummy Vitamins provide the fish oil without the fishy taste or large pills to swallow. 

·         Vitamins D: Is crucial to help your body absorb calcium and it also regulates your immune system, keeping you healthy.  Your body synthesizes direct sunlight to produce Vitamin D, but if you’re not getting outside you can find Vitamin D in many foods.  Milk and juice is fortified with Vitamins D and it’s naturally present in sardines, tuna and mackerel. Adults need a minimum of 800IU’s of Vitamin D a day and many are diagnosed deficient. Finding a good supplement can make a big difference in your health. 


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Marketing with Twitter: If You Tweet It, They Will Follow


Remember the famous line from Field of Dreams “If you build it, he will come,” and come they did.  I have always looked at twitter, and all my online presence for that matter, the same way.  If I tweet, blog and post good content, those who are looking for what I have to offer will find me.  So far, I think this strategy is working!

I was recently honoured to be included in the Women In Biz Conference in Vancouver,BC and be a part of the panel titled  “From Socializing to Making the Sale: How to Use Blogging and Social Media to Generate Business.”  I spoke on my experience using twitter to gain a following (9,444 and growing) and introduce thousands of people  to our brand online.  After 3 years of being on twitter, it is still a marketing tool that I value.

I began on twitter as a way of learning the social medium ahead of my 3 daughters to help them navigate the online world, but it didn’t take me long to realize the business potential twitter held for the company my husband had started a few years earlier.   I knew right away his target audience was there and I had an idea of how I could reach them.

As an entrepreneur you are your company, your clientele, your customer and your business associate. Your key to success is finding like-minded people to engage with, to introduce your brand to and to help you promote your business.   They are easy to find on twitter.

Marketing with Twitter

To start, create a profile and a name that explains exactly what you have to offer, notice I didn’t say what your business has to offer.  Be personal when you set up a twitter profile and include your business, after all it is an extension of you, but don’t make that the focus of your profile.

My husband created IronKids Gummy Vitamins and we wanted to appeal to the moms who are doing their best to raise healthy children – so my twitter profile tells the story of me and our business while my tweets are all about raising healthy kids.

Twitter Profile
I run, climb mountains, did 1/2 IronMan, I blog, raise 3 healthy blonde girls and DH makes IronKids Gummy Vitamins & NEW Adult Essentials. Get #Active Stay #Healthy

By being you and talking about what you love you will naturally tie in your business rather than sounding like a commercial selling a product or a service.  By using key words identified above with a hashtag (#healthy and #active) my tweets will find everyone looking to talk about being healthy and active.

If you tweet as you, they will follow.

Twitter allows you to use your voice and literally find your following.  Give it a try. You never know where a tweet may lead you but I guarantee, if you tweet, they will follow!

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Strengthen Your Brand By Flexing Your Muscle


In business you know the power of strength in a brand – it means respect in your industry, a relationship with your customer base, instant brand recognition, and can lead to increased sales. In your personal life do you know the power of your own strength?

I am not talking about being emotionally strong or never showing personal weakness, I mean good old fashion muscle strong. The strength you get from resistance exercises and actually lifting a weight that challenges you.


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Being strong in business starts at the gym or on your yoga mat with light hand weights or a resistance band.

Resistance strength training uses your own body weight, bands or light weights in 2-3 sets of 8-10 repetitions to push your muscles to fatigue. As they repair themselves, they grow and you start to see definition as you gain strength.

Strength training has been shown to relieve stress, increase energy level, stronger heart and prevent disease. By strengthening the muscles around your bones you increase bone density and decreases risk of osteoporosis and studies show that muscle continues to burn calories even while you are at a resting state.

Business Benefits of Strength Training

There are business benefits to strength training too – they may not be obvious at first, but I promise once you start seeing results and feeling stronger, both you and your business will be pumped.

Time to think – in between reps you have time to think without interruptions and can plan your day or put together the next great proposal.

Clear your mind – strength training pushes your muscles to their limits, gets your heart rate going, and clears those cobwebs so you can think clearly without distractions.

Confidence – it is between you and those weights. Doing one more lift, one more press, adding one more pound – it is you and your strength. You feel strong, even as the repetitions make you weak. That strength carries into your day as you face new clients or difficult decisions.

Power – Strength is power. Personal power. Personal power is Business Power!

Getting Started

Strength training needs to be done with proper technique so you get maximum benefit to the time you are spending and to avoid injury. Talk to your doctor before starting any new workout, and then sign up at a gym or fitness studio for at least 1 or 2 personal training sessions to learn what exercises are right for you to reach your goals.

Focus on major muscle groups such as squats and lunges for legs, triceps extensions and bicep curls for arms, chest presses and shoulders lifts.

Then it is up to you to schedule that meeting with yourself and your weights or resistance bands at least 2-3 times a week. You will see and feel strong powerful results within 6 weeks and, I hope, be inspired to make strength training an important part of your business and personal goals.


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Balancing Business, Bicycles and Birthdays – Happy Birthday @kidsgummymum

balancingbusiness _ Deb Lowther

Hands up if you struggle to do it all.  To find balance at home, balance at work and balance in taking care of your health. Does anyone have it all figured out?

Balance is different for everyone. The key to balance is knowing what is important to you and what is not, setting priorities and goals and feeling the sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching those goals.  No one can do it all and no one has the same definition of balance as another.

balanceBalancing Business

I love working, but don’t love work taking priority over my health or my family if I can help it. That is my balance.  I work a full day but will fit in a 45 minute run over lunch hour or I put in work time before the kids go to school then stop at the gym before returning to my desk.  It is not always easy to fit it all in but I know to feel balance I need to make time for what is important to me.  My balance in business is feeling good about how I spend my time and making sure I fit in my work hours and time to be active.

Balancing Bicycles

Working in the health industry, I am fortunate that the time I spend being active, making healthy meals and snacks is all being a part of my work/life balance. But I need more. I’ve always been a runner, and eventually running mile after mile by yourself gets boring and lonely.  The kids are always going to activities after school to learn music, new dance routines and more advanced gymnastics. Why should I stop learning? So last year I signed up for a new challenge and joined a group that met twice a week for hill runs or long bike rides.  I learned how to ride a tri bike and did my first ever triathlon. Having my own goals and learning something new gives me balance.

Balancing Birthdays

Having a clean house, folded laundry or beautiful outdoor gardens has never been a priority to me and if you stop by unannounced, you will see the result of that for sure! My priorities have always been family and being active. Last year I turned 45 and set a very large goal for myself in completing a Half Ironman, today I turn 46 and have decided on a new challenge. Birthdays are a great time to reflect and to plan for the year ahead.

As I turn 46, my new challenge is to be stronger. I have proved I have endurance, now I want to go for personal strength.

As of this moment I can do 5 full push ups. Yes, only 5.   I can do 45 seconds of a full plank. Yes, not even 1 minute.

I think going for 46 push ups might just be my new goal! Stay tuned! Until then, find what motivates you, what challenges you, and what rewards you . . .then you will find your balance.


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